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WHO DONE IT is here!!!

Our much anticipated new book Who Done It? Truth and Consequences Guide for Educators is now available on AMAZON.

We also have a limited number of signed author copies that you may order at a reduced price and free shipping. You can check our ordering instructions on our Home Page. - Click on the Signed Author Copies button.

You can also view the PREFACE and TABLE of CONTENTS from our Home Page.

We have included a section on How to Avoid Lawsuits.

Being threatened by a lawsuit is no fun. Removing the gap between parents’ perceptions and expectations will help reduce dissatisfaction and lessen the possibility of a lawsuit. We suggested six key actions to take when dealing with parents who want their way on issues they perceive as not meeting expectations. Moreover, the best way to deal with lawsuits is to work toward prevention. We provided nine actions that educators can take to avoid litigation. Above all else, it is essential to stay vigilant in seeking God’s wisdom to manage the school, reveal areas that pose a legal risk, and rightly deal with all “Who Done It” issues.

We trust that this book will be helpful in your ministry as a teacher or administrator. By applying the things you can do in the natural and those things you can do in the spiritual, you will have more success in solving the many “Who Done It” issues.

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