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How to Be the Best Teacher Ever: Part 2

Our current posts focus on recommendations on how an educator can be known by their students as the "Best Teacher Ever." What we have been suggesting can be accomplished by any educator who is willing to take the steps to put into practice these suggestions, none of which are complicated.

Being known as the “best teacher ever” does not happen just by showing up to teach. Becoming the “best teacher ever” requires a teacher to spend quality time preparing each lesson and presenting it in an exciting and meaningful manner. Moreover, it requires the teacher to go beyond just preparing and presenting a lesson; a teacher must ensure that their students master the content being taught. Mastery of concepts is enhanced when a teacher is persistent in encouraging students to succeed.

Research has established that teachers who set and communicate high expectations produce students who achieve higher academic levels than those who set low expectations. Unless encouraged, students may tend to put forth a minimum effort and, when faced with a difficult assignment, may even give up entirely.

Jesus, the “Best Teacher Ever,” inspired His disciples to expect to do greater things than he had accomplished (John 14:12). Consider using the following questions to help your students press towards greater works.

When a student says this: Encourage them with this response:

I can’t. Do you mean you can’t or won’t?

I’ve done everything that I could. Everything? What about. . . ?

I’ve tried that, but it won’t work. Did you really try? How many times? How consistently?

I did my best. Are you sure?

I could never understand or do that. Never is a very long time. Really, how long do you suppose it might take to learn? If you think hard enough, you will discover that you have learned to do many things that are just as hard.

That’s impossible. What you mean, of course, is that it is only difficult.

That’s too difficult. What you mean is that you need more time.

It’ll never work. It always works if you work it. Try again.

Everyone’s against me. No, you are wrong - I’m for you, and so is God.

As you put these responses into practice, your students will see you as the "Best Teacher Ever."

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