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Spirit-Directed Discipline
Helping parents and teachers instill strong discipline in school and at home. Call for bulk pricing.
Christian Schools: How to.
School Resource Kit 
Christian School Insights Products - Dr. Dennis Demuth is also available for consulting
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Ten steps in getting a Christian school going and keeping it growing. Great resource for improving your school.
Kit contains documents referenced in the book, Christian Schools-over 800 documents.
Management Guide
Contains hundreds of policies critical to the successful operation of a Christian school, Special Commentary and Legal Notes.
Legal Requirements 
Recruiting Strategies
Over 1000 Christian schools are using the checklists on this CD .
A practical guide to recruiting and retaining quality students for private and Christian schools.
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
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Christian School Insights
Over 113 inspirational and practical topics for Christian educators. 276 Pages. See Product Details for more information.
Christian School Insights
A new approach to education that goes beyond educating the mind and body and focuses on the heart or spirit.  
World Changers
The purpose of this volume is to provide a framework upon which schools (public and private) can establish a quality international student program.  
Parent Handbook
Improve parent/student communication with an effective handbook. Check to see if you have reduced your legal risk by having sound policies.  
Use this handbook to provide a comprehensive athletic handbook that could be shared with coaches, student athletes and their parents. 
Coaching with Purpose
Coming Soon - Health Service Handbook.
Coming Soon - Missions: Go Ye Therefore How to establish a effective missions program in your school