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Christian School Management Guide Edition 7 469 page Management Guide with Special Commentary, Legal Notes and Implementation Strategies.

Christian School Management Guide Edition 7

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469 page Management Guide with Special Commentary, Legal Notes and Implementation Strategies.

Product Detail:

Now enhanced with Special Notes, Implementation Strategies, and Legal Notes and a Comprehensive Index, this “must have” 7th Edition will save new schools hundreds of hours in creating policies and procedures to successfully manage a school. Schools that have been in existence will find this latest edition extremely helpful in conducting a management audit of their school. The Special Notes and Implementation Strategies are taken from the author’s 49 years of experience in school administration and serve as a commentary in helping schools avoid pitfalls in managing a school.

The third new feature is Legal Notes. How many Christian schools could afford a million-dollar lawsuit? It is much easier to ensure that your Christian school is on a solid legal foundation than to undo mistakes or go to court. Establishing legally sound policies and management procedures are important steps in avoiding the cost associated with a bad testimony within the community of a school because of legal oversight of the administration. Regardless of the size or complexity of the educational program, operating a school presents a certain amount of legal exposure. Given the present litigious society, Christian educators need to be informed of legal requirements in designing policies and in operating the school.

The 7th Edition is set to automatically run once inserted into the CD drive. Each of the five main sections of the Management Guide is bookmarked and linked through a table of contents. The Table of Contents presents three levels of access that ease in the location of hundreds of topics, each linked to a special page in the Management Guide. Each of the five main sections—1000 Administration, 2000 Financial Information, 3000 Employment Practices, 4000 Student Policies, and 5000 Student Activities, can be expanded or collapsed for easy viewing. The Management Guide will open using Word 2007, 2010, and 2016. A specially formatted file is also available for those who are using Word 97-2003 as well as a PDF and Rich formatted file. Scattered throughout the Management Guide are hyperlinks to supporting documents that offer additional information on how to implement a policy and to Internet websites where additional information can be obtained.

The 7th Edition expands on the content presented in the book Christian School Administration: How to Get a School Going and Keep It Growing. It is a great companion work to the Christian School Resource Kit 6th Edition which provides over 900 working documents for managing a Christian school.

All three works—Christian School Management Guide 7th Edition, Christian School Resource Kit 6th Edition, and Christian School Administration: How to Get a School Going and Keep It Growing are prized additions to any Christian educator’s professional library.

This cart is set up to use a secure PayPal order.  If you are a school and interested in multiple copies (discounts are available), we do accept purchase orders over the phone. If tax-exempt, you will need to email a copy of your state tax-exempt approval letter.  School checks are accepted. To place a phone order call 918-857-7116.