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The major focus of public education is centered on educating the mind and body. Very little attention is given to educating the spirit.

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Spirit-Directed Education
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SESSION 1 - Spirit-directed Education: A New Approach
The spirit is the most important part of every student. It is that part that will go into eternity. 
Learn five key concepts important in educating the spirit of a child.
When the spirit is fully trained, it will lead the mind, will, emotions and body into the blessing of God.
Change follows the submission of the will, change requires new ways of thinking, and change requires dealing with a rebellious body.
SESSION 2 - Spirit-directed Education and the Classroom
Seven ingredients needed in the life of a teacher as they establish a Spirit-directed classroom.
Six actions required of a Christian educator in the classroom. 
Four actions needed  to release the anointing and how to avoid the nine hindrances to the anointing. 
Speaking words that bring success, believing the Word of God that you speak, and exercising your authority. 
The seven actions that take place when you release the Holy Spirit to do His work in the classroom.
Five things the Holy Spirit does when you involve Him in your lesson planning. 
SESSION 3 - Spirit-directed Education and the Teacher
Six expectations of a Spirit-directed teacher and what it means to have the “mind of Christ” and Godly wisdom.
Four reasons to obey the voice of the Holy Spirit and to go beyond sense knowledge, and how to increase your sensitivity to hearing the Holy Spirit. 
Learn the advantages of being filled with the Holy Spirit and how you can receive this gift in three easy steps. 
SESSION 4 - Spirit-directed Education and the Student
Three factors related to Spirit-directed education and the student. The need for the student to experience salvation, the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, and the importance of renewing the mind.
Learn how to feed the new nature of your students and train them to hate evil, and to tell the truth. 
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