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The major focus of public education is centered on educating the mind and body. Very little attention is given to educating the spirit. Most Christian schools approach the educational process very similar to public schools. In addition, they add Bible as a subject, and many present a curriculum based on a biblical worldview, including the use of textbooks published by Christian publishers such as Bob Jones University Press and ABeka Books. They may have chapel services during the week and even add praise and worship as part of the classroom experience. However, very few Christian schools have as their focus educating the spirit of a student. 

The foundation of Spirit-Directed Education

We base the foundation of a Spirit-Directed education on who man really is; he is a spirit-being that occupies an earth suit known as the body. When man was created, he was made in the likeness and image of God. Man's purpose was to glorify God, to experience all of God's love, all of His resources, and to have all of his needs met. Through the creation, God was able to reveal himself to man. God's image and likeness were expressed in man, through the creation and seen in God's conduct. Man was placed in a position to have authority and dominion over the laws of nature. Man was seen as God's companion and ruler. Man's intellectual abilities were such that he could readily understand the things that his creator God had placed at his disposal. 

Walking and talking with God were a natural activity. Through his spirit, man comprehended the fullness of God. It was man's spirit that provided the direct link with God. Man's spirit dominated his mind and body. It was through his spirit that man received the wisdom of God. His mind, body, and spirit were in harmony (Kenyon, 1970). 

Spirit-Directed Education
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