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School Improvement
More than any other time in history Christian school must press towards the mark of excellence. This page contains creative ideas on how to make your school a school of excellence. 

Implementing a School Theme 
Does your Christian school have a year-long school theme? Administrators and teachers across the county have found the advantage of a school theme to build class and school spirit and morale. Using a school theme is a great method of focusing attention of staff, students and parents on a common spiritual truth.  Read more . . .  

How to Implement a Fast-Track Program
Fast-Track (FT) program is a strategy that helps meet the educational demands of students ready for advanced learning. The class is normally offered in grades K-5, but may be extended to grades 6-8 where self-contained classrooms are available.  Read more. . . 

NEW! Establishing a Reconciliation Program
Implementing a Playground Curriculum
​Grow Your School by Improving Customer Service
​Creating a Master School Calendar the Easy Way 
A reconciliation program presents a method for schools to allow students who have been suspended or asked to withdraw from school a method for re-entering school once the reconciliation plan has been completed. 
Implementing a Teacher of the Year Recognition Program
​How to Provide an Easy Service to Students with Special Needs
​Key Indicators for School Growth
Implementing a Teacher of the Year Recognition Program
How to Effectively Track Student Enrollment Attrition
Be Ready for the Fall Using a  Summer Task Worksheet