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How to Double Your Child's Grades
This PowerPoint can be used as a teacher or parent in-service training.  The presentation addresses the effects of failing grades followed by suggestions on how to help students get organized for learning, how to conduct a daily achievement checkup, how to help a student visualize success, and how to combine God's Word with praise. The documents to the right present several helpful resources, Click on the lint to access. You can also download a narrated or text  PowerPoint.
The information on this page can be used by Christian schools for professional development and parent and staff in-service training. If you use an item, please leave feedback on how you used it and the audience.  Use the Email Me button to the right.
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A New Approach to Christian Education - Spirit-Directed Education
The major focus of public education is centered on educating the mind and body. Very little attention is given to educating the spirit. Most Christian schools approach the educational process very similar to public schools. In addition, they add Bible as a subject, and many present a curriculum based on a biblical Christian worldview, including the use of textbooks published by Christian publishers such as Bob Jones University Press and ABeka Books. They may have chapel services during the week and even add praise and worship as part of the classroom experience. However, very few Christian schools have as their focus educating the spirit of a student. 
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