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by Dennis Demuth on 07/28/18

Great News!

I have just completed a six-volume series of Christian School Insights. These can be purchased on in the format for a Kindle Reader, iPhone, or table. There is also a single paperback that combines all six volumes. 

A two-volume series of Christian School Insights is available for Kindle, iPhone or Tablet. This two-volume series has also been combined and published as a single Volume titled Christian School Insights: Inspirational and Practical Topics for Christian Educators. 

Spirit-Directed Education: A New Approach is also now available on This book presents a new approach to education that goes beyond educating the mind and body and focuses on the heart of spirit of a student.

Christian School PowerPoint presentations can be used for professional development and in-service training. See ProDevelopment Menu.

​Please feel free to copy and distribute copies to parents and staff or post on your websites. All we ask is that you contact us and leave a message as to how you used this resource. 
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