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Building Trust

by Dennis Demuth on 12/10/18

The immeasurable asset needed in the life of every school leader is "TRUST." Clarence Oliver in his book, Leading with Integrity, states, "Building trust is critical for an administrator to experience long-term success." What steps can a leader take to establish trust. Consider the following as presented by Robert J. Krajewski, co-author of The Elementary School Principalship.
  1. Listen. All trust is built on some degree of self-disclosure. Being receptive to self-disclosure is a prerequisite to openness. When students and staff ask for your support. Listen and allow them to tell you about what is on their heart.
  2. Be Accepting. It is critical to accept and respect students and staff for who they are. Be cautious of imposing your own values on them when you are listening. Respect and accept them and their values, even when they do not agree with your own.
  3. Be Positive. There is nothing like being positive even in the middle of a negative situation. When you are positive, you release a force that can be felt by others.
  4. Be Fair. Students and staff must feel that you are fair, honest, and genuine. Be willing to listen to their problems. There may be other supporting issues that may surface as you listen.
  5. Be Understanding. Students and staff need to feel that you understand them. Using a mirroring technique to help them being understood. "This is what I hear you saying.....and how you feel."

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