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How to Implement a Fast-Track Program
A Fast-Track (FT) program is a strategy that helps meet the educational demands of students ready for advanced learning. The class is normally offered in grades K-5, but may be extended to grades 6-8 where self-contained classrooms are available. When more than one section of a subject is offered in grades 6-8, one section could be identified as a FT or Honors section. 
Fast-Track Curriculum Sample

It doesn’t take long for teachers to observe a number of students who demonstrate an ability to move ahead in the curriculum. Even though the Christian school curriculum may outpace public school counterparts, there is more that could be done to maximize a children's academic potential. The Fast-Track concept is one option to accomplish this. 

Gifted/Talented vs Fast-Track

The Fast-Track program is not a gifted and talented program. Most parents feel that their child is gifted and talented in some area of their life; it may not be in the area of academics, but in sports, music, or art. By placing a child in a gifted/talented program without regard for these other areas sends a message to parents their child must not be gifted or talented. Thus, using a fast-track concept to identify this group of students helps avoid parental conflict. 

Student Selection and Criteria

A  Fast-Track classroom is one in which students qualify to participate through a selection process that may include a number of different measures. For example, standardized testing scores (usually scoring at or above the 90 NPR), classroom productivity grades, evaluation from classroom teachers. Victory Christian School uses the following criteria for selection.

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